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Diabetes & Thyroid Care
The Diabetes and Thyroid care department is headed by eminent endocrinologist, Dr. Vijay Panikar. He brings with him years of clinical expertise and training in this field. He has successfully managed a comprehensive spectrum of endocrine and diabetic cases over the past three decades.

Advanced Dental Care
At Smile Invent, we offer excellent dental care in a friendly environment. Our state-of-the-art facilities and our welcoming staff will guide you to a healthy, beautiful smile that you have always wanted. Your smile is what we care for!

Please visit us at Smile Invent... for booking an online appointment, and for more information on the treatments we offer.

Medical Examinations
Proper medical examinations are conducted on our patients by a specialized team of medical assistants at our clinic.

Nutritional Assessment
At Dr. Panikar’s Speciality Care Centre, we focus on the prevention of diabetes. Our specialized nutritionists and dieticians assess each and every patient, educate them, provide counseling sessions and dispense nutritional supplements as indicated.

Access to On-Site Pharmacy
For your convenience, we have a pharmacy on site that would provide you with a wide range of drugs and improve your access to medication.

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